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Volume Eleven • Number One • January 2014

Estate Planning Checklist

Death and Disputes

    Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions? During this time of reflection, it is important to get your year off to a good start. One resolution you should stick to is organizing you estate. What would happen to your loved ones and your property should you die? This may not be something you want to think about, but it is an important topic that needs to be considered carefully. Estate planning will guarantee that those you love are cared for and that your wishes are followed. It also ensures that ideal decisions are made on your behalf should you become incapacitated. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of "peace of mind" by resolving your estate issues today.
    Here is a checklist of things you should bring when you meet with your estate planning attorney:

Personal Information

  • Your Full Names, birth dates, SSNs, wedding date(s)
  • Information regarding any prior marriages or divorces
  • Full Names and birthdates of family members, including children, parents, siblings
  • Information regarding pets needing ongoing care
  • Information regarding any family members with special needs
  • Copies of any estate planning documents you may already have, such as Financial Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Directives, Wills, or Trusts

Your Plans

  • Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers of guardians you may appoint for any minor children
  • Names, Addresses & Phone Number for Financial Managers you may appoint for yourselves
  • Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers for Health Care Decision-Makers you may appoint
  • Any special health care conditions or concerns you may have

Your Assets

Record the current value of any of the following assets:

  • Current Income - All Sources
  • Real Estate
  • Cash
  • Stocks & Securities
  • Savings Bonds and/or CDs
  • Mutual Funds, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds
  • Retirement Funds
  • Motor Vehicles and/or Aircraft (automobiles, motorcycles, boats, RVs, etc.)
  • Personal Property such as household furnishings, antiques, jewelry, firearms
  • Any Loan Receivables or money owed to you
  • Anticipated Inheritance
  • Agricultural Assets such as livestock, crops, equipment
  • Business Ownership such as a professional practice, LLC, LLP, Corporation, etc.
  • Any personally-owned business equipment
  • The total value of all Life Insurance death benefits

Liabilities Summary

  • Mortgages, Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Debts, Amounts Borrowed on Life Insurance
  • Real Estate: Address, original purchase price, mortgage balance (if any) and current market value

Congratulations! By completing this checklist, you are well on your way to organizing your estate. Make an appointment with your estate planning attorney today, and before you know it, your estate planning will be complete.


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