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March 2013 (printable version)

  • Elder Law Elements
    Good news, bad news. The good news: Americans are living longer than ever. The bad news: we eventually wear out physically, mentally or both. In this issue we review two challenges: becoming incapacitated and going broke due to long-term care.
  • Long-Term Caring
    In our second article we examine important considerations when selecting a Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) policy. In addition to policy benefits, be sure to check the health of the insurance company standing behind the policy itself!

April 2013 (printable version)

  • Women: Law & Money
    Are you a woman or do you know someone who is? If so, then you will want to read and share this issue of our newsletter. The first article reviews some important Estate Essentials and Money Matters every woman should address without delay.
  • Daughter Syndrome
    In the second article we examine the Daughter Syndrome. After a woman rears her children and cares for her parents, in-laws and husband ... who is there for her? These days it is prudent to have a plan to care for the caregiver, given our mobile society.

May 2013 (printable version)

  • Blended Family Basics
    Is yours a blended family? If yes, then you face unique inheritance challenges, to include disinheriting your ex-spouse, providing for your new spouse and your own children, and protecting their inheritance. Keep this newsletter (and share it with others).
  • Estate Equalization
    In our second article, we consider estate equalization planning to avoid disinheriting either your new spouse, or your children of a prior marriage. Insurance premiums and legal fees are cheap compared to the costs of disinheritance.

June 2013 (printable version)

  • A Legacy of Efficiency
    Want to make life easier and protect those you have appointed as fiduciaries in your estate planning documents? Our article on their duties and responsibilities is required reading to avoid problems, unnecessary costs and civil/criminal liability.
  • Searching Without a Treasure Map
    While many youngsters dream of searching for hidden treasure, the fantasy probably does not include searching without a map. If your fiduciaries are forced to conduct such a search when administering your estate, they may find the task equally difficult.

July 2013 (printable version)

  • Planning the Next Chapter
    In this issue of our newsletter, we discuss the importance of estate planning for every married couple. Without proper planning, various legal and financial challenges could prevent you from being there for your spouse in sickness and in health.
  • The Non-Citizen Spouse
    If you have substantial wealth and a non-citizen spouse, you should do some strategic planning now so you can postpone or avoid federal estate taxes later.

August 2013 (printable version)

  • Cohabitation Challenges
    With the drastic increase of cohabitating, it is more important than ever to discuss the unique estate planning challenges unmarried cohabitants face. Our front-page article reviews common challenges in the context of some real-life scenarios.
  • The Marital Estate Plan
    Have you thought about who will care for your family once you pass away? On page three we examine legal tools and techniques that are must-haves for married couples wanting to protect their most valuable assets – their family.

September 2013 (printable version)

  • Seasons of Change
    To everything there is a season. So it is with your Life & Estate Plan. Our front-page article uses a Seasons of Life theme to illustrate how your Life & Estate Plan may change with your personal and financial circumstances over your lifetime.
  • Selecting Guardians
    We consider the critical choices everyone must make when selecting guardians and financial fiduciaries for their minor children. We offer helpful and practical pointers for evaluating and selecting potential candidates.

October 2013(printable version)

  • Family Limited Partnerships
    Family Limited Partnerships offer many benefits, both tax and non-tax. Our front-page article is a primer that explores why they are at once a taxpayer favorite ... and a potential target of the IRS and some courts.
  • Asset Protection
    In our second article, we examine three strategies for protecting your hard-earned wealth: exempting your assets, limiting your liability and transferring your risk. This article will inspire you to take specific actions today to protect your wealth tomorrow.

November 2013(printable version)

  • Business Owners Beware
    The survival rate of family businesses from generation to generation is rather dismal. To help prevent your business from becoming an unfortunate statistic tomorrow, we review some common challenges for you to address today (before it is too late).
  • Buy-Sell Financing
    One fundamental key to the survival of a family business is a properly funded Buy-Sell Agreement (BSA). On page three we consider three basic BSA flavors and the means available to finance their terms when triggered.

December 2013 (printable version)

  • Top Five Estate Concerns
    Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Everyone has an estate worth planning, regardless of their net worth. In this article, we review some critical concerns that many people fail to consider.
  • Death & Disputes
    Our third article considers family feuds resulting from an inheritance, or lack thereof. Through proper planning and communication, family harmony can be preserved at an emotional time.

January 2014 (printable version)

  • The ABC's of Estate Planning
    In our first article we review the process of organizing your personal legal affairs, a very common New Year's resolution. As you will see, it is simply a matter of following the ABC's of estate planning!
  • Estate Planning Checklist
    Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of having peace of mind by resolving your estate issues today. To help you begin the process, our second article provides a checklist of things you will need to bring with you when you meet with your estate planning attorney.

February 2014 (printable version)

  • Is There an Oscar for Best Estate Planning?
    Many people idolize movie stars and other celebrities. When it comes to mannerisms or clothes, this can be harmless fun. However, estate planning seems to be one area in which no one should emulate their favorite stars.
  • Is Justin Bieber a Grinch?
    Some people are more generous than others. Similarly, when it comes to celebrities, some are very generous ... and others are, well, not so generous. Regardless whether you are a rock star or not, getting solid legal counsel is key.





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